Arno Knapen is a photographer in the Arlington, TX area. After a long hiatus he returned to  photography while recovering from brain surgery in 2008, when he started on a MACRO photography adventure in River Legacy Park.

River Legacy is still one of his favorite places to go, but nowadays he also shoots a lot of their functions, fundraisers and community projects. You can find this work through the River Legacy website.

Arno tries to photograph people in a way unique to each individual and shoots a limited amount of photoshoots in complete collaboration with the subjects. His trademarked pictures are bright and airy and portray subjects with a minimum of post production work (retouching) on the computer.

You can check out his personal portfolio, read the latest photographic adventures or contact him here... is still aiming to unite those with the Knapen surname under one email umbrella. If you are a “Knapen” and wish to use a email address you can request one from Arno, free of charge.

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